Spa Services

Rejuvenate Yourself.

Royal Thai Dry Massage

Enjoy a rejuvenating combination of yoga, meditation and acupressure that will reenergize your body and mind.
60 minutes - 2000 / 90 minutes - 3000

Swedish Massage

A simple and effective massage that will offer you a soothing and relaxing experience while reducing your stress, muscle tension and joint stiffness.
60 minutes - 2000 / 90 minutes - 3000

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is further extension of the Swedish massagebut involves application of deeper pressure which works as a healing agent in chronic suffering conditions.
60 minutes - 2400 / 90 minutes - 3600

Signature Massage

Prepare yourself to be pampered with our most exclusive massage treatment. Signifying stimulation of healing and energizing properties with a personal touch.
60 minutes - 2400 / 90 minutes - 3600

Four Hand Aromatherapy Massage

Unifying the essentials of gentle massage and application of aromatic oils. This reenergizing massage will refresh your senses and rebalance your health.
60 minutes - 3000 / 90 minutes - 4500

Aromatherapy Massage with Herbal Treatment

Choose aromatic oils of your preference extracted from herbs, flowers and fruits and enjoy and enhanced massage experience.
60 minutes - 2200 / 90 minutes - 3300

Foot Reflexology

A gentle massage and accurate pressure on precise points on your soles that will stimulate a healing effect throughout your body.
30 minutes - 800 / 60 minutes - 1600

Back and Shoulder Massage

Indulge in an incredibly relaxing experience and relieve your back and shoulder muscles from any pain by enveloping them in luxurious comfort.
30 minutes - 800 / 60 minutes - 1600

Head, Neck and Shoulder

Say goodbye to muscle tension and pain in your head, neck and shoulders and get recharged to enjoy your lifestyle without any restraints.
30 minutes - 800 / 60 minutes - 1600

Candle Massage

Become engulfed in the soothing effects of massage candles while its miraculous properties detox your skin and beautify its outlook.
60 minutes - 2200 / 90 minutes - 3300

Hot Stone Massage

In this therapy warm heated stones are placedon targeted points of your body to comfort strained muscles and produce profoundly relaxing effects.
60 minutes - 3000 / 90 minutes - 4500

After Sun Treatment

This treatment will breathe an air of youthful energy in your sun exposed skin and give it a healthy and refreshing glow.
120 minutes - 3500

Asian Spa Treatment

Relax and rejoice in an authentic Asian spa treatment where custom blended oils and theraputic massage will work wonders for you.
120 minutes - 3500

Chocolate Wrap

This therapy will give your stressed and sun exposed skin a smooth, soft and silky look that will enhance it's charm.
60 minutes - 1800 / 90 minutes - 2700

Purifying Brown Mud Wrap

This special body wrap will not only detox your skin but also shrink tissues below the skin resulting in immediate loss of inches.
30 minutes - 1600 /

Hydra Quench Mineral Body Wrap

This is a healing water therapy that will provide you relief from common pains by enhancing your blood circulation and thus boosting your immune system.
30 minutes - 1600 /

Strawberry Wrap

This therapy involves rejuvenation of of dying skin cells with application of calm stimulating scrub of natural strawberry blossom with sweet fragrance.
60 minutes - 1800 / 90 minutes - 2700

Sea Soul Candle Scrub

Engage in a calming experience where candle lights and aromatic scents will enchant your senses while skin rejuvenating scrub will bestow your skin with lively bliss.
60 minutes - 2000 /

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